Book 7-06

Book 7-06


23 thoughts on “Book 7-06”

  1. Yet-One-More-Idiot says:

    Oh Tia, do you get the feeling that you’ll be saying “Sigh!” many many times over the coming moons?

    Woona is so adorably naïve here, especially in the last panel. 😀 I wanna hug her so bad! ^^

  2. Masterius says:

    Luna’s growing up; her horn is finally visible. 🙂

    (*ppssst!* Princess! Try teaching her Egyptian Rat Screw)

  3. Arn says:

    Can Grace have an uncle, one Gerald calls a mooch?
    He could be an old time movie buff.
    …he could intrudece the girls to old science fiction tv.
    Luna to Space 1999…….

    1. Scott Kelly says:

      Or Star Trek, Babylon 5, Star Wars (before disney ruined it!)

      1. Shieltar says:

        Doctor who (pre series 11… because I’ve seen better writing in a primary school english projects), Red Dwarf, etc…

        But no, I’m not adding in an uncle.

        1. Angel says:

          What about a grandma, after all doctor Harmony did mention Graces mother in a previous chapter. Maybe she’d come home at some point, see this, and oull her ex by the ear for turning grace into a science experiment before giving him an ear full. Now you gotta admit that would be a funny chapter.

          1. Dany Doucet says:

            That would be funny to see!

  4. ryttyr says:

    Creatures of pure destruction indeed.

  5. Volko says:

    One shuders to imagen the twisted horrors inside such a mind.

    1. TheArcticWolf says:

      Huda huda!

  6. Jean Marcel Queiroz says:

    you’ll have better luck teaching her to play UNO

    1. ryttyr says:

      UNO ftw!

    2. Yet-One-More-Idiot says:

      I’d like to imagine Tia and Woona being taught to play RISK! The game of strategists. 😀

  7. Marijn van Bennekom says:

    Playing cards seems like a little too mature for them. Maybe play a simple board game would fit better.

  8. Dakkath says:

    Ah, the ol’ lawful evil vs chaotic good fight

  9. Borg says:

    Don’t let the cute exterior fool you; she’s plotting world domination behind those big eyes.

    1. Scott Kelly says:

      *from an early Fairly Odd Parents episode*
      I wish that cockroach was SMART ENOUGH TO TELL US WHAT HE’S THINKING!


      Cockroach: WORLD DOMINATION!

      Timmy: That Can NOT be good.

  10. AeroTendo says:

    I miss seeing the date showing of when the next comic will be out. Any idea when that will be? I love this comic!

  11. Charles Strobl says:

    Ha! I knew too much cuteness was bad for everything.

  12. Rain-of-bow dash says:

    “It must be a creature of pure and destructive order”
    OR MAYBE, OH I DON’T KNOW? THE CREATURE OF CHAOS IS BALANCING OUT A CREATURE OF HARMONY?!? After all, what besides order is the opposite of chaos? HARMONY! You should know that! You’re supposed to be the man who created this theory!

  13. Nicholas says:

    Lol on the last panel. Luna looks really cute. And the way that she didn’t get it.

  14. Maybe not use such official terminology. Just say to either have all the same pictures but with the 4 different colors. Or have the numbers aligned.
    The Jack, Queen, King and Ace are just 11, 12, 13 and 14.

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