Book 7-03

Book 7-03


19 thoughts on “Book 7-03”

  1. Yet-One-More-Idiot says:

    Ah, the big “The Reason You Suck” speech…too bad the Dragon boss no longer speaks English though…

    xD lol

  2. Benjamin Eric Berlin says:

    when we first saw the big boss with his cigar and the way he moved around the scenes he was in I was like ” ah so we meet at last nefarious antagonist for this comic” I mean I knew that the supervisor guy was unpleasant, and maybe a tad evil, but seems I was wrong, perhaps it is just the discordant magic, but looks like the supervisor guy is the real villain here, what’s he going to do to the professor and his family?

    1. LittleSlimy says:

      His point of view is not absolute truth.

  3. Volko says:

    Hmm, maybe Boss (baby) dragon is an ansestor of Spike?
    I mean they are realy intelagent for their ‘apperent’ age.

  4. Ryan says:

    Hey, Boss Man. Hot little tip for you:

    1. Masterius says:

      His pawmenship is probably terrible and illegible. After all, he’s probably been dictating anything he needs written down for years and years now. Besides, maybe it’s such a complete transformation that anything he’d try writing would come out in cursive Draconic.

      1. ryttyr says:

        Or he haven’t figured out how to do anything but the most basic grabbing motions with his claws yet. Writing takes quite some motor skill, something you don’t really learn over a day.

  5. Hrhkatya says:

    Great comedic timing with the roaring

  6. ryttyr says:

    Oh yeah. It was the director who fired Gerald. Good call-back to page one.
    Also I like how I praised the Boss Man for being so well portrayed for a villain when it turns out he’s actually not a bad man at all.

    1. Shieltar says:

      Just goes to show how well I was doing my little bit of misdirection. ^^

      1. ryttyr says:


        1. Shieltar says:

          I also wanted to show that regular people are capable of great evil without realising there the bad guy. Heck, some of the worst atrocities of mankind have been done in the name of doing good. Because if you say you’re doing it for good or mortal reasons, you’ll have less opposition.

          1. Ryan says:

            Everyone is the protagonist of their own story. No man truly believes himself to be the villain.

            1. Dave Van Domelen says:

              Except Starscream.

  7. Dave Van Domelen says:

    “And that, children, is why dragons are all greedy, frmo the very first.”

  8. mowny says:

    Don’t think we missed that he actually replied.

  9. astromormy says:

    Not entirely certain how this page links with the last?

  10. Borg says:

    I’m not sure I buy that the boss was as fair as he claims, but that’s really not relevant anyway to the main point that you shouldn’t turn people into baby dragons without their consent.

    1. Mad_Max says:

      In defense of the director, we can say that he did it unintentionally. And he doesn’t know how and can’t cancel or fix it at the moment, if he wanted to.
      Because he used all magic power that he had and dont know (yet) how to get more.

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