Book 6-39

Book 6-39


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  1. Ryan says:

    Wings? Awesome. Change into pony? Nifty. Inexplicable tramp stamp? THE HORROR!

    So, is Mark just staying a pony now? Or is Grace about done freaking out?

    1. Ffsnghsj dgdgdv says:

      Ummm r u hater? It a cutie mark!!!!!

      1. Ryan says:

        I am well aware that it is a cutie mark. I am a huge fan of both the show and this comic. I was simply trying to make a humorous comment on how Grace perceives the situation.

        1. Shieltar says:

          I thought it was funny.

          1. Nikary Flare says:

            Me too.

        2. astromormy says:


        3. BRONIELIFE says:

          I think that “Ffsnghsj dgdgdv ” was just trying to make a joke

          1. Coconuttie says:

            Yeah I agree. Also, you spelled “Brony” wrong.

    2. BenRG says:

      Grace has shown a curious reluctance to turn him back into a human. I suspect that she thinks he is cuter being a pony and this is influencing her decision-making when it comes to him!

      1. Timstro59 says:

        Maybe it’s that time of year?

  2. Arn says:

    What a way to start the 21st!
    New issue of B.O.E. and my calendar says read Proverbs 1-3… is grand!

  3. Arn says:

    Well, you chose to be a pony and everthing that comes with it, Gracey.
    Everyone gets what they really think they want, they’re not always happy with what they get.

  4. ryttyr says:

    That pony shot of Grace is beautiful.

  5. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

    Oh come on Grace – that bottom-left panel shows that with your new “tattoo”, you manage to look EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER.

    Also Mark is beginning to forget what it feels like to have thumbs. I’d change him back now if I were you. (Assuming you can, consciously, do so).

  6. Nikary Flare says:

    Sur-PRISE, Gracey!

  7. Jphyper says:

    Whenever she transforms, I can’t help but hear the Transformers sound effect in my head. Because Hasbro.
    Whoever reads this comment cannot unhear it now.

    1. Arn says:

      I don’t.
      You’ve watched that confusing mess of a Michael Bay movie way too much and way too long.
      ….quite, very discursive. thanks.

  8. Nikary Flare says:

    “Handled having wings pretty well”… didn’t she nearly choke herself the first moment she realized she still had them?

    1. its a wonderful life says:

      That was more of about her shirt pressing against her throat as her wings trying to flare open.

      Also, no date on next comic? THE END IS NEIGH, REPENT! REPENT!!

      1. Nikary Flare says:

        OH NOOOOO

        1. Alan says:


          1. Shieltar says:

            Because I’ve only just got back from holiday, and I hadn’t built up enough buffer zone ahead of time due to stress from family death and the tax man.

            1. Nikary Flare says:


            2. Ryan says:

              Oof, I’m sorry to hear that. Take your time, we can wait. Sending hugs and prayers now.

              1. Benjamin Berlin says:

                Take as much time as you need, best wishes being sent your way.

  9. BenRG says:

    Come on, Grace! You weren’t expecting it to be THAT easy, were you? ^^

  10. Alan says:

    Don’tcha just love how Grace is upset about the “tattoo” being a bad example but we all know Celestina and Woona will wind up with some?(hopefully soon)

    1. Nikary Flare says:

      I doubt it’ll be soon. Actually, I’ll be surprised if it happens in this era at all.

      1. Alan says:

        Wel celestia already screwed up the solar system sooo…

        We’ll see won’t we

  11. BengalKat says:

    Looks like she doesn’t know, but we all know it’s the very first cutie mark!

  12. Thomas Finton says:

    [this post has been edited to remove swear words]

    So a self selfish, irresponsible, and young character built to be the reason the MLP world exists is a teenage/ minor girl who out of the blue decides to take up her fathers creations as her children without any parental advice (surprised she didn’t go to get them aborted first thing) , then takes them out into an unsuspecting public further exposing and expecting said public to just “accept” what they see before them. This is like if Dexter created radioactive candy and Dee Dee just takes that [stuff] and does whatever she wants with it, only to act shocked that this [stuff] has consequences like radiation poisoning and death. Furthermore, then this comic goes out of its way to say a big bad evil “Corporation” is out to get them for some ridiculous/cheesy reason. Please.. If anything, a big overreaching government has a better chance of finding this wannabe mother and widowed father, (who’s doing some pretty illegal stuff within his basement. Argue all you want, if that [stuff] is being done under the house than its a basement) especially with all the technological spying that already occurs within society by the oh so jolly government. Even worse, ungraceful Grace goes out of way to expose her “friends” if anything to her dads science projects, and expects them to just accept it. Just love and tolerate the bejesus out of everything and it’ll all be fine and dandy right. I mean shoot, the only reason Mark tolerates her wacky/psychotic ass is because he wants to get into her pants. Some friendly advice, think twice before dating an immature daddy’s girl who can’t take care of herself, let alone pet projects. Shoot, at this point she is one of her father’s pet projects.

    In the end, this is why man doesn’t play god. Why children or minors aren’t trusted with power or responsibility. Why societies act shocked when they can’t find anything to do because they destroyed industries and means of labor that gave them an occupation to begin with. All under the outdated portrayal of business or industries that over time have changed and been refined for the better.

    All in the name of a Beatles imaginary Social Justice behavior of “Love and Tolerance”

    And you wonder why Mankind disappears in this apocalyptic universe of BOE.

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      Wow. Just…wow.

      Have you even been reading the same comic as the rest of us? xD

    2. Ryan says:

      Seriously, what the actual hay?

    3. Arn says:

      My muse! Where have you been? What did I do wrong?

      …meanwhile in the real world….
      We are investigating a president over fiction, let a secretary of state of the hook because she is a girl and can’t rember, invaded a lawyer’s office and covertly spred his private files everywhere among cronies, arresting homeschoolers in Germany, and persecuting a judge nominee for something he might have done as a minor and never a police report filled!

      I’m sorry! I don’t think the government would notice flying magical ranbow horse girls…let alone the experiments of Gerald and his awkward daughter!

      Will there be a price?

      1. Shieltar says:

        I would point out that the characters have not done anything illegal. There is no law against doing science in the basement. and there are certainly no laws prohibiting the use of something almost no one believes in. (magic)

        So why would the government care?

        1. Arn says:

          Thank you for the wonderful comic. I’m always looking forward to the next issuance….
          I just enjoy talking and like discoveries through conversation. Please. I want to encourage you.

          Don’t you have a Televsion tax in United Kingdom and wouldn’t the taxmen consider all that equipment a whooping receiver?
          This means Gerald is Rich too?

          1. Shieltar says:

            It’s called a TV licence, and it pays for the BBC. Which does…
            *tv channels
            *online TV service
            *national radio stations
            *local radio stations
            *cultural radio stations
            *international radio stations
            *shipping weather forecasts
            *national weather forecasts
            *broadcasts Free View channels OTHER than the BBC to the nation on it’s equipment.
            *online news paper
            *phone app news paper

            And all that without any adverts.

            Though why your asking, I don’t know. Also the stuff after the query about television tax makes no sense to me at all.

            1. Arn says:

              So Gerald doesn’t have to pay a tax on “magic reception” or pay a tax for his “magical receiver”?
              I thought it was funny……
              Get well soon.

        2. AeroTendo says:

          Would screwing up the solar system count as something illegal (or worth getting in trouble for?)

          1. Shieltar says:

            something is only illegal if there is a law against it. There is no law against either of those things. Would he get in trouble for it if people found out? difficult to say… probably, but the criminal justice system would not get involved.

            1. AeroTendo says:

              I guess you’re right about that, although government people tend to care LESS about that kind of stuff don’t they? (At least in media, lol) So, in that sense, I suspect they’d want to at least have assurances that other things like the moon wasn’t going to go out of control (Heh, Luna… I imagine the government people would worry the moon would fall on them if she had a tantrum) and if it was, I imagine they would want control. Wouldn’t they?

              PS: I’m so very happy to see that there is an update coming! I’m still sorry for your problems but this is one of my favorite comics and you can’t blame me for loving it enough to check it often! 🙂

            2. Arn says:

              So a law is in response to lawlessness?

              1. Shieltar says:

                OK, I’ll spell out how this works for you.

                Laws are the rules of the land as dictated by the government, and must be…
                1) written down.
                2) formally approved or “written into law”
                3) legally enforceable (by the police for e.g.)
                4) not conflict with any existing constitutions.

                If any rule does not comply with all of these steps then it is not a law. and therefore not breaking that law is not illegal.

                If you do something bad that is not illegal, the authority may decide to amend existing legislation, or pen new laws to make that act illegal from the point the law is passed onward.

                This happens quite a lot, as new technologies, scams and ideas are invented all the time, requiring the laws to be updated constantly.

                Polotitians (who write laws) have a hard time keeping up with what the world was like 10 years ago, let alone planning ahead to what it will be like 10 years in the future. So people doing bad things that are not illegal happens all the time.

                This is not complicated or controversial. This is just how the world works.

    4. Benjamin Eric Berlin says:

      way to suck the fun out of a comic, up until I read this post my only complaint was the occasional typo not associated with Celestia or Luna.

      1. Shieltar says:

        I would not take the word of someone ranting and swearing via there keyboard seriously. Even the bits he gets right he then twists into something that is wrong and nasty.

        1. Ryan says:

          And this is exactly why I just ignore such ranters. Well put.

      2. Arn says:

        Well….Betty Boop is fun too.
        Still…lotta questions there….

    5. Alan says:

      Here I go 😀

      Fathers should be father’s

      Overreaching should be overreacting

      than should be then

      Should ass be cencored? Idk

      Oh and this rant exists, seriously if you didn’t like it why get all the way through the comic then spend 15 minutes ranting about illogicalities. Just why?

  13. Dany Doucet says:

    Next thing she knows, a horn will appear… That will SO FREAK Grace out~!

  14. MDWebster says:

    Who here are predicting that Grace’s cover up is going to be a origin of Cutie mark’s name?

    1. Alan says:

      Huh that will happen won’t it

  15. AeroTendo says:

    Where is the date of the next coming comic?

    1. videomaster21xx says:

      The artist talked about that in a previous comment. Basically death in the family and other stressful things are going to delay the next comic a bit.

      Given I’m no stranger to stress, I completely understand.

  16. Walter says:

    Welp, Grace, looks like it’s mom jeans from here on.

  17. Borg says:

    Didn’t he literally almost kill you over the whole turning-into-a-pony thing? I doubt he’ll handle this worse.

    1. Nikary Flare says:

      And he didn’t know it was going to kill her, so he’s not going to try that again.

  18. AeroTendo says:

    Given that her daughters have wings, it isn’t exactly a taboo. However I can see how having a tattoo (cutie mark, maybe named after something Mark says that makes them “cute” to her? lol) would be a bad thing for a young parent to fuss about?

    1. AeroTendo says:

      LOL! Perfect!

      1. Alan says:

        Heh yeah

  19. russell fontenot says:

    anyone else see the when the next page is coming out thing is missing again?

    1. Chrsitnewho says:

      It’s normal that means he doesn’t know when it’ll be out…The author has a life

      1. Chrsitnewho says:

        Also, if you had read the previous comment. The author mentioned it was under a lot of stress because of family death and other things –‘. That’s the reason it’s delayed

  20. its a wonderful life says:

    I have to wonder though. Will Grace start having more permenant pony features as time goes on? Like pony ears or tail that don’t go away in her human form? Or will she just one day abandon her human form forever?

    1. AeroTendo says:

      What I wonder is when will we see the reactions of her friends to seeing Mark transformed? I bet the Pinkie Pie-like girl will be the first to say, “Oh! Transform me too!” LOL!

      1. Alan says:

        We shall see

  21. Alan says:

    Oh look, a date…


  22. Alan says:

    Oh and in the cast of characters, Grace’s description should have daughters instead of daughter, and their instead of there.

  23. Nikary Flare says:

    Oh, there’s the date!

  24. The Wave Blaster says:

    When I started reading this comic, I wasn’t expecting to see a pegasus angrily shouting at her own butt.

    But here we are.

  25. It’s kind of fun how she has very realistic movements and mostly stays on model when in her human form. While in pony form she can squash and stretch very freely.

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