Book 6-30

Book 6-30


40 thoughts on “Book 6-30”

  1. Ryan says:

    Cute, sweet, precious. Pony Mark is still hilarious. You, uh, you will be changing him back soon, right Grace? Or will we get to see his parents freak out?

  2. Masterius says:

    Did we miss a strip? There seems to be a big jump between this one and last one

  3. Frostgear says:

    Meverything and my sister had something like this happen when were little. Let’s just say that plastic golf club do not make good light sabers,and my sister said that stiches whend you’re4 years old are not fun.

    1. Alan says:

      Am I allowed to complain about the grammar in comments?

      1. Frostgear says:

        I just realized that auto correct did that to me.:(

    2. Nikary Flare says:


  4. Alan says:


    Celestia has no horn in panel 5

    Also in panel 3 “you need to be more careful in future” seems to be missing a “the”


    1. Arn says:

      It’s fine..made you pay attention!
      Done for effect!
      Like saying,” Going to hospital…”
      Next moment, Luna’s “GoinG to Future.”

  5. Alan says:

    Im thinking It’d be pretty funny watching them finding a way to get celestia on mark’s back. How did they do it anyway?

  6. Volko says:

    Mark its suppose to be done diagonaly,
    Right front – left back
    Left front – right back

    and yes I have tested.

    1. ryttyr says:

      I was gonna say that too. Strange that he seem to know so little about horses despite living on a farm.

      1. Arn says:

        Not all farms have horse.
        Many are quite equineless.

    2. EvgEnZh says:

      Who knows, maybe he’s THINKING diagonally! He doesn’t say “front” or “back”, after all, only “other”.

      1. Volko says:

        It is the order that he is thinking it.
        If he thought diagonally it would be something like this:
        Left leg
        Other right leg
        Right leg
        Other left leg

        1. Shieltar says:

          alternately, he’s just doing it wrong.

          1. Benjamin Berlin says:

            Perhaps he’s just taking baby steps, and once he gets more comfortable with being quadrupedal he will get into a more natural rhythm. I can’t say I wouldn’t be just as clumsy, if not worse if I suddenly found myself in his horseshoes (so to speak).

    3. Liren says:

      That is if horse is trotting. But if horse walks it is left back – left front – right back – right front or right back – right front – left back – left front.

      1. Nikary Flare says:

        He’s still doing it wrong, though.

  7. Nikary Flare says:

    Celly seeing pony Grace for the first time: “You become pony just like me to make me happiest girl inna world!”

    Luna seeing pony Mark for the first time: “Why is Mark a pony? He’s not verry good at it…”

    1. Arn says:

      Luna: Smelly Boy!

  8. Tom says:

    Is Luna missing her horn in all the panels?

    1. Volko says:

      Naa, it is just stuby.

  9. Astromormy says:

    To be fair, walking around on four legs would likely be a lot like crawling, just without bending your knees.

    1. Nikary Flare says:

      Not really. Crawling humans stand on knees and palms. Hooves are more like the tips of palms and feet, hence the so-called “backward knees” (these are actually the beginning of the feet) and the extra bends on the front legs (wrists). It’s pretty impressive how Mark hasn’t tripped over yet.

  10. Borg says:

    Come on. Stop overthinking it and just walk. Trust me, your cerebellum has you covered.

    (I had a coworker for a while who was really good at being a cerebellum. You know that game QWOP? She’s the only person I’ve ever seen actually running in that game.)

  11. Twylite-Sparkle says:

    (music) So, put one hoof in front of the other,
    And soon you’ll be walkin’ ‘cross the floor.
    Put one hoof in front of the other,
    Then soon you’ll be walkin’ out the door!

  12. Angel says:

    Hmm. Do I detect Mark being called daddy by Luna and Celestia in the near future?

  13. AeroTendo says:

    I’m wondering something… WHEN will they get schooled by Starswirled the Bearded? (Isn’t he older than them anyway?) After all, all children need a good education and it isn’t like they can change into humans like their mother (Can they?) and just go to human school, right?

    1. Comet says:

      I’d just have to guess they won’t, since this is already missing a lot of the more recent canon explanations, so just assume this is an alternate universe. (but who am I to assume there won’t be an attempt to fit some of the newer stuff in.) they might be home schooled.

      1. AeroTendo says:

        Ok, if they are getting home schooled… who is teaching? Grace? Her father between all his inventions?

        1. Arn says:

          Between inventions
          “Hello(b3ep, beep) I am robo teacher… please insert apple here…insert apple.,.apple….”
          “Luna where is the apple?”
          “What are you eating?DID YOU EAT THE MAGIC TEACHING APPLE?”
          “Zonds! Verily thou is mistaken dear sisters. Of late I saw the apple red hued with you!”
          “….and there goes our Grammer and literature lesson….”

    2. Shieltar says:

      ok… to answer you’re questions. The only pony’s in this time period are Tia, Luna, Grace and Mark.

      There are two whole stated time periods (of unknown length) that need to pass before star swirl the bearded is even born. I’m considering making an informational page on this topic.

    3. Perhaps Grace’s Dad will eventually turn into a pony too because of magic, and become Starswirl the Bearded? (he is, after all, the Princesses old tutor in canon and therefore older than them)?

      …just a thought. 😀

  14. Caitlin-loves-pony says:

    Um…you forgot to give Luna her horn.

    1. Shieltar says:

      This is a common misconception. Luna’s horn is shorter than her hair is thick. It can be seen whenever you see her forehead though.


  15. MOW says:

    “He’s not verry good at it”
    He was, before you interrupted.

  16. I do hope Grace does not say Luna should not feel bad about it. She should. Feeling bad about yourself is sometimes a good thing.

  17. Walking on all 4 is incredibly easy. Newborn foals can do it pretty much immediately. Unlike humans which have to spend months learning it.

  18. Maybe Grace could give Mac a little encouragement on walking on 4 legs. It would not be that difficult to learn.

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