Book 6-21

Book 6-21


24 thoughts on “Book 6-21”

  1. Jean Marcel says:

    How could he not understand the graphs? it explains everything

  2. Borg says:

    I suppose exploding would be bad.

    But he’s still not letting her have control over her life. If I were her, I’d choose wings over fingers; I’ve already had fingers for decades. They’re pretty played-out.

    1. Azreal DuCain says:

      I’d prefer fingers, myself. Flying sucks. Everything you could want is not only on the ground but also requires fingers to enjoy.

    2. jared says:

      It might be like Rainbow dash’s sonic rainboom. She sends out a wave of energy but she’ll be perfectly fine health wise.

    3. Shritistrang says:

      What if she explodes and then… and then explodes again??

      1. evg-zh says:

        Worst case scenario: nothing happens, apart from a few shattered windows maybe. She’s indestructible, remember? Maybe she even explodes a few more times.
        Best case scenario: shockwaves of magic transform everyone into ponies ^_^

        1. AeroTendo says:

          I’m betting on the BEST case scenario since this is the story about the birth of Equestria after all. 🙂

  3. jboy44 says:

    and it didn’t work and stabilized her where she can still shift we know this as a few pages ago we seen her in the future still shifting

  4. Astromormy says:

    Soooooo……does this mean ponies are indestructible. It would certainly explain a lot.

    1. ryttyr says:

      Indeed. Kinda unfair for their enemies though. Unless they too are indestructible which would explain why the ponies banishes their foes just for them to return after a thousand years.

    2. Shieltar says:

      The kind of things pony’s do in the show and walk away with little to no injury. (like sonic rainboom into an old barn head 1st) Yeah. magical talking little pony’s have a magical level of indestructibility.

      1. A wonderful life says:

        I don’t know if I would go too far with indestructible. Remember RD broke her wing just by normal crashing. And she wasn’t even going supersonic.

        1. Astromormy says:

          That’s what we call ‘plot convenience.’ Ponies will be invincible for as long as it remains convenient. lol

        2. AeroTendo says:

          I think what RD did was make a hole in the ceiling before diving INTO the barn at just the right moment to do a Sonic Rainboom, thereby destroying the barn (and showing the world just how destructive the SR is at close proximity and she probably landed at ground zero, free of any barn debris (to be honest any part of the barn).

        3. AeroTendo says:

          Just a thought… maybe magical ponies like the one on the show can amp up their toughness? Earth ponies can for example amp up their strength and toughness. Presumably to move and/or destroy things like rocks. If you don’t believe me, just look at the episode where Maud destroys a boulder to save Pinkie while, Pinkie who was scared couldn’t even free herself.

  5. ryttyr says:

    Well we know she can still transform from one to the other in the future so something did not go according to Gerald’s plan.

  6. Ryan says:

    While I can understand Gerald’s concern, he could at least try to give Grace a choice. Besides, how does he know for certain that his calculations, if any, are correct? There are so many variables that he hasn’t accounted for.

    Meh, whatever. I’ll just sit back and watch his plan go horribly/hilariously wrong. Popcorn?

    1. Scarlet Rhine says:

      Don’t mind if I do.
      *takes a handful of popcorn*

  7. Jute says:

    Aww, no comic page next week? More time to read through chapters 3-5, I guess…

  8. Scarlet Rhine says:

    He’s over reacting. Magic isn’t like isn’t like nuclear radiation. It’s generated by living organisms. Professor Hermes overlooking the fact that Grace sleeps with Celestia and Luna I’m both of them whether he knows it or not not only can use magic but generate it.
    Filly Celetia & Filly Luna as hatchling Discord are constantly emitting a magic has they move about enchanting the world as they move about in live.
    For all we know Grace has already reached critical mass in magic saturation and is now generating matched on its own.

    Which leaves look up professor in a quandary as whatever he’s you can just order braces magic will fill up long before the needle shows any movement down

  9. Ersatz says:

    (i’m late, like really late, i had and still have things to deal with, just taking a break from all that.)

    so i take it the machine failed and possibly only slowed down the stabilization or something (not gonna say what all the others are saying)

    side note, when are the sisters gonna meet discord, and will any of the others gonna appear, like tirek, Chrisy, or the Windigos?

    1. Headlock1_0 says:

      Well, I don’t know about, Tirek or the Windigos, but Chrysalis was created by accident by Starswirl the Bearded. It ws shown it one of the few Official MLP comics I’ve actually gotten around to reading. I doubt Chrysalis will be shown any time soon, if at all. Sorry bruh.

  10. Astromormy says:

    I wonder if Chrysalis and her changleings will ever make an appearance.

  11. Angel says:

    Doc. Your math is wrong. You might wanna check your math again. Cause I think you forgot to carry the two.

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