Book 6-18

Book 6-18


27 thoughts on “Book 6-18”

  1. Cylestea says:

    Usually not that big?

    1. Christinewho/shyflower says:

      Probably that Marks exaggerated a little bit on her boops.

    2. Tatsurou says:

      Wouldn’t be the first time in a world like this where magical girls could make their boobs bigger with magic.

    3. BenRG says:

      Yeah, I think that Grace is getting used to the fact that she’s a voluptuous paragon of beauty in Mark’s inner world.

    4. Athenna says:

      she means period boobs both a blessing and a curse

  2. ryttyr says:

    See. It’s much easier to operate your pony forelegs when you aren’t overthinking it. Or thinking about it at all perhaps.

  3. Borg says:

    Does that “usually” mean there’s some wiggle room when transforming?

    1. Borg says:

      Related question: How much do you end up spending on clothes when you don’t keep all parts of your body at a consistent size? I’d like to ask other Grace that.

  4. Headlock1_0 says:

    Hah! Nice reference to all the comments! X)

    1. ryttyr says:

      It’s not the first time Shieltar does this :D. Back on DA a lot of people commented on how he had made a door hinge to the right despite its hinges being on the left in the previous page and instead of correcting or ignoring his error Shieltar let his characters react to this oddity and he even turned it into a plot device.

  5. Volko says:

    A so thats where Tia amd Lulu when’t.

    They opend the dore for “future” dad.

    1. Aerotendo says:

      Oh I can see it now…
      Luna opening the door for him as the father melts down. They both overlap each other as they explain their mama’s in trouble before he dashes forth and discovers what’s going on from the open door. Probably getting a view of her big naked boobs. (Hence why he remembers them as such.) Lol!

  6. Ersatz says:

    came here as fast as i could, don’t actually have time to look at the comic, but i will later, just wanted to say this.

  7. So he was standing outside the door when Grace’s dad’s head asploded from the shock?

    …btw, is Mark kinda like a stepdaddy to Celly and Lulu? :3

    1. Alan says:

      Eh Iā€™m fine with it

  8. Ryan says:

    And then Mark helped his friend Grace calm her hyperventilating father down, and they all had a good laugh and some Valentine’s Day chocolate.

    Pfft, as if. So what did her dad REALLY do?

  9. Aerotendo says:

    Anyone notice that she ISN’T denying that he went all crazy and foaming at the mouth?

    Btw, is that rope in his hand supposed to be the doorbell? Is that for the ponies too? (Imagines Celestia flying up, grabbing it in her mouth and yanks it… Naaaaaaaaaaah! lol!)

    Still, with all the changes to the house. I wonder what the doorbell even sounds like at this point! A foghorn? Bells tinkling? The Adams family theme song? My Little Pony intro song? Lol! (That MIGHT explain things right there!)

    1. Pokelink says:

      I’m sure it sounds like a fluglehorn…

      1. Aerotendo says:

        That might explain where such a thing came to be in Equestria! lol!

    2. Scygnus says:

      *Wilhelm Scream*
      “Youuuuu Raaaaaang?”

      1. Aerotendo says:

        That might be too scary for the young Celestia and Luna. šŸ™‚

  10. Heather Trails says:

    Grace: It’s not like you were there.
    Mark: Not literally. I was there.

    Umm… Huh? He wasn’t literally there but he was there? Was he there figuratively? if so, why is he in the flashback? Is ‘literally’ not the word you meant? Am I just missing something?

    1. Omegacreeper says:

      mark is saying that grace’s dad’s head didn’t literally explode then said he was there when this happened
      Answering both things grace said.

      1. Heather Trails says:

        Ooohhh ok, thanks. Those answers could have been phrased better. :p

    2. Aerotendo says:

      I’m guessing he means that he wasn’t IN the room but in the general area (aka at the front door) and could hear some of what happened? (Who knows how sound carries in a magically altered reality?)

    3. BenRG says:

      He wasn’t there at the moment the Doc’s brain shorted out but he arrived soon enough afterwards to work out most of it without too much trouble.

  11. Alan says:

    I love this little details in this comic, like how the box of chocolates is pink so he remembered that clearly too.

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