Book 6-16

Book 6-16


27 thoughts on “Book 6-16”

  1. Erastz says:

    great as always, i’d react that way too.

  2. Ryan says:

    Gerald.exe has stopped working. Press any key to reboot. And by reboot, I mean massively freak out. Hold on to your wings, Grace — sh*t is about to go down.

  3. Cylestea says:

    Poor grace forgot she slept as pony

    1. ABlankMask says:

      Either forgot or is unaware that she might have accidentally switched in her sleep.

      1. AeroTendo says:

        I thought Grace for the past 2 years has been transforming into a pony whenever she slept with her daughters?

  4. ryttyr says:

    Still want an explanation as to how she figured out how to transform at will.

    1. Tatsurou says:


      1. ryttyr says:

        No that’s the thing I have trouble with. There was no time for her to have practised it as the first time we see her transform at will It’s litterally the morning of the day after she found out she transforms at all.

        1. Angel says:

          Well a lot of time has passed in between then and now, meaning she has had plenty of time to practice. Remember that comic makers use time skips for a reason.

          1. ryttyr says:

            Yes but what I’d like to know is how she learnt it in the first place. In just a day as well. But unfortunately only Shieltar knows and he doesn’t tell…

        2. Shieltar says:

          every time we change from one book to another, I assume a reasonable chunk of time has passed. I.e. around a month or more. so as she finds out she changes in one book, and can controll it in the next book. she has spent the interveening months learning how.

          1. ryttyr says:

            So her dad decided to wait a month before he began to build something to contain the universe altering levels of magic his creations generate?

            1. Shieltar says:

              He has been building over the intervening months. Highly complicated multi part machines do not just appear over night, despite what TV tells us.

              1. ryttyr says:

                Well your time skips obviously isn’t apparent enough. Plus I feel like you could have dedicated at least ine page to at least hint at what has transpired since the last book or a page hinting at what will transpire before the next book begins.

  5. Zman537 says:

    Top Kek

  6. jared says:

    I totally called it.

  7. Volko says:


  8. Alkumist says:

    the wittle woona ywan tho *dies of adorableness*

  9. Angel says:

    I’d say Grace’s father is taking this thing pretty well. Considering.

  10. Element0fKindness says:

    That does seem to differ ever so slightly from Grace’s recollection.

  11. Brownie Man says:

    Happy 2018, Love this comic and your idea of “How Equestria was Made” (C) PinkPony Inc.
    Joking aside, I love the development of Celestia and Luna, how you manage to balance out the goods and bads of children that age as well as their mindset. I don’t know how you feel about ideas, but it has been a while so perhaps one of the girls could have a temper tantrum or a sibling squabble or something like that. Anyways keep up the good work and we’ll see you in February.

  12. Headlock1_0 says:

    Yeah, that sounds about right, Mark. X)

  13. I get the feeling that even Mark’s recollection of these events is downplaying her dad’s reaction…if only because of the fact that Mark was not there to see, so how can be recalling this flashback? 🙂

    Her dad might be taking it “reasonably” well at the moment (for some value of the word) but I doubt that will continue long. Cue next page and he’ll be running out of the room screaming his head off like a loon. 😛

  14. Nikary Flare says:

    Well, so far it’s not so bad… so far his reaction is the most normal initial reaction to such situation xD let’s wait for the next page phahahah xD

  15. BenRG says:

    Because there’s nothing like morning wake-up amnesia for forgetting that /you aren’t the right species anymore/.

  16. TheArcticWolf says:

    I can SPEAK!!!!!!

  17. Borg says:

    Well how would you feel if you made someone bacon, but then found them to be a herbivore? He went to all the effort of making bacon for you, and here you’re in no state to eat it.

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