Book 5-19

Book 5-19


20 thoughts on “Book 5-19”

  1. DeltaOblivion says:

    Aww! Little Luna loves her big sister! So cute! X3

  2. Isenlyn says:

    Here, have a Luna plushie to settle down.
    I love how in panel 3 Grace seems about to slap Celi, but she’s just pointing at the wall. Context, may be your worst ennemi.

    1. ABlankMask says:

      Thats actually what I was thinking before I actually read the text bubble

  3. DarthPinkie says:


  4. Volko says:

    Thats right Luna.
    Put a smile back on Tia.

  5. Astromormy says:

    The adorableness…………..too much.

  6. Arkron says:

    When I saw panel three, my first reaction was “oh my god, she’s going to slap Celestia!!”

    Of course, that was before I read her speech balloon. 🙂

  7. Masterius says:

    I do believe those are her first words.

    1. Spood says:

      Nah, she learnt “mommy” while Celestia was ranting next to her a few pages back ^^

  8. BenRG says:

    Oh my goodness! The sugar infusion from that last panel made me briefly snap into hypoglycaemia!

    Isn’t that Tia and Luna throughout the millennia though? Getting into serious fights and struggling with jealousy and lack of empathy but then, in the end, remembering that they love each other so much?

  9. Masterius says:

    Gracie has magical boots and socks: she starts the day off barefoot, later appears in boots and socks, and then back again barefoot.

    Most convenient!

  10. Xanderfox says:

    You can not resist the Cuteness of Woona! Her powers of adorable are too strong for you Celestia!

  11. ryttyr says:

    Maybe not the best way to parent your kids, screaming at them until they start crying but I guess it makes sence for Grace to not know that much about parenting considering that she herself is only 13-14 years old.

    1. Masterius says:

      Sorry, but she’s obviously scolding, but not screaming. There is a difference, you know–a *huge* difference, in fact.

  12. rainbow whooves says:

    Luna (Best princess am)

  13. Hermandez says:

    Can’t wait for the new issue, this comic is so addicting☺

  14. Borg says:

    That’s not going to fix the underlying problem, Grace. She didn’t frame Luna for scribbling all over the walls just because she had some time on her hooves.

    1. marinus18 says:

      There isn’t really an underlying problem. It just takes some time until Celestia get’s used to Luna

  15. Marijn van Bennekom says:

    I do think she should let Celestia clean up her own mess. It’s important with raising kids that they are responsible for their actions. Even though guiding them through every step is often harder than just doing it yourself you need to have them do the cleanup.

  16. Zanar says:

    My sister did that exact same thing once. Wrote my name in crayons on the wall, and tried to blame me (She had just learnt to write, I was 2 years younger)

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