Book 5-14

Book 5-14


8 thoughts on “Book 5-14”

  1. ryttyr says:

    so… The Tree of Harmony? or should I say Harmoney?

  2. Astromormy says:

    And thus, the Tree of Harmony was born.

  3. Stargazing says:

    The tree of harmony!!!
    or maybe… slightly related to the birth of crystal ponies?? though that’s probably a bit of a long shot.

  4. Angel says:

    Uh, yah, in the season seven finale it was revealed that Star Stwirl the Beareded and at least five others were the ones who made the tree of harmony, not some mad scientist with to much time on his hands. Sorry pal.

    1. Angel says:

      You could always put somewhere that the Crystal soon grew into the crystals within the cave underneath canterlot. If I might make a suggestion.

    2. Pitt says:

      This comics was made 6 months before the episode … and BTW i think this is much more fun and better explained! 😀

  5. Silver says:

    I have to squint to read the dialogue ;-;

  6. Krashface says:

    That horn… looks too much like the one of a certain Chaotic Spirit.

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