Book 3-20

Book 3-20

I’m afraid there simply wasn’t time go to work, put up the festive dacore, go xmas shopping, arrange everything, get the xmas food, go to work some more, have an illness AND add colour and shading.  so, because it’s xmas, here is the inked stage with hand drawn speach bubbles for you to enjoy.  there will be a few visual edits by the time colour comes to town ^^

p.s.  I’ve always seen Celestia as a mother figure, viewing her roll as princess as one of mother to all her subjects.  Working to protect them from harm, while pushing them to be the best they can, and always wanting them to achieve for themselves, while beeing there behind the scenes in case they should ever fall off the preverbial bike and need some encoragement and a plaster (band aid).


Edit: Now colored!


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