Book 7-34
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Book 7-34

11 thoughts on “Book 7-34”

  1. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

    Oh Professor Harmoney, do you have any idea what you’ve just done, besides chasing your daughter’s fiance and baby-daddy down the road with plasma rifle in a 40-watt range? xD

  2. Coma says:

    The Director’s right eye changed color, is that on purpose?

    1. Shieltar says:

      I’m fairly sure his eyes are the same colour in every panel.

      1. Volko says:

        Me too.

  3. Cylindryk says:

    I don’t understand why Prof is so fixed about marriage.
    It’s not like don’t plan to have it with Grace, it’s more like now it’s a little… not good time for it?
    And Prof is making thing worse. For no reason. Hm…

    1. Volko says:

      It is called “overprotective dad” trope for a reason.

      Read more at:

      1. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

        Also because “Rule of Funny”; you can find that one on TVTropes too. ;D

  4. ryttyr says:

    I was gonna suggest Mark turns into his pony form to be able to run away faster but then I remembered how unacustomed he still is with that form so that might not be a good idea.

    1. Dreamer says:

      Also, it’s because Grace is the one that does that to him, he can’t control it.

      1. AeroTendo says:

        Can you imagine just what her reaction would be if she looks out the window and sees her father chasing the father of the child in her belly? I predict anger, transformation and revealing herself to the Director… Dun Dun DUN!

      2. ryttyr says:

        Oh yesh. I forgot about that

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