Book 6-25
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Book 6-25

21 thoughts on “Book 6-25”

  1. Arn says:

    I’m first today!

  2. ThePiratePeter says:

    I wonder what they are doing. Probably they are playing hide and seek.

    1. cogwheelbrain says:

      I think he’s mounting a defense of staying a pony.

      1. Scarlet Rhine says:

        Asssssnnnd the next generation of ponies is stsrted. 😉

        1. Cylestea says:

          dont you mean 1st since the rest where made?

    2. Pseudo Nyymi says:

      They’re sharing secrets.

    3. SuperTaster says:

      They’re practicing their politics. “I vote neigh!”

  3. FallenAngel says:

    Ya, depends on what they are trying to find

  4. “I do love the wings”.

    You and me both, Big Mark, you and me both. 😀

    1. AeroTendo says:

      I love the wings too! Although I wonder if she tries flying in human form too.

      1. ABlankMask says:

        I think one of the chapter covers actually hints that she does indeed fly as human. Or might later on.

        1. Arn says:

          Wonder when she’ll have to start pushing clouds.
          Like her father said: take responsibility, don’t withhold love, encourage good behavior.

  5. Arn says:

    I give up….surprise us Shieltar….
    But let it be a nice surprise.

  6. BenRG says:

    They are a very sweet couple!

    I don’t know what those two are up to in the last panel, by the way. However, I suspect that there is a very strong possibility that Tia and Lulu will shortly have a mortal younger sibling.

  7. ryttyr says:

    And that’s how Equestria was born.

  8. FlonnesIkramant says:

    And I was almost hoping for some human Mark on pony Grace. Or do you perhaps have that already on your patron?

    1. Shieltar says:

      Yes. The content you seek is in the 2016 NSFW archive available to $10 patreon supporters. as well as many other quality poictures of mine not available anywhere else.

  9. Ryan says:

    Eeee, so cute! And yes, I love the wings too. But uh, Mark, I think your parents might object to you staying a pony.

    (And then sex happened)

    1. AeroTendo says:

      Who’s to say that they haven’t been having sex for the two years they’ve been dating?
      Having wings and cartoon abilities is very cool though!

  10. jboy44 says:

    I hope luna and celestia don’t find them for awhile

  11. Headlock1_0 says:


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