Book 9-03
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Book 9-03

11 thoughts on “Book 9-03”

  1. Goldfur says:

    He’s not just blasé – he’s absolutely chill! I love it. I also love that his dad is continually being boggled. That’s why this is such a fun comic.

  2. cogwheelbrain says:


    i love it.

  3. Cobalt Comet says:

    Love the expressions in panel 3. I wonder if Philomina will answer the phone.

  4. crest toothpaste says:

    I really hope this will be a long book, I love this comic and I’m sad to see it ending.

  5. Eroraf says:

    Panel 4 is just perfection. I think every scientifically-inclined brony can relate.

  6. ElementOfKindness says:

    It’s quite simple. Hoof logic!!

  7. tekkalord says:

    Dad: “Wait, PRACTICE?”
    Mark: “Shhh. The phones ringing.”
    Mark: “Dunno, I stopped counting after the first dozen or so.”
    Dad: “First… DOZEN?! WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?!?”
    Mark: “Dunno, Grace had a reason not to. Don’t remember what it was.”
    Dad: *loudly sobbing* “So many missed chances for experimentation.”
    Mark: “Oh right… That was her reason.

    1. Nikary Flare says:

      I think you might be mixing up the dads.

  8. Nikary Flare says:

    “Practice” 😀

    Also, huh. Dial phone? o.O

    1. VulpesRex says:


      …It’s an OLD house.

  9. VulpesRex says:

    “Oh Dear” INDEED!

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